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15-year-old Mira is absolutely horrified: her mother has suddenly decided to send her off to boarding school, miles away from anywhere. Their relationship may have been strained for years now, but living a life of strict rules away from the city is unthinkable for a free spirit like Mira!

It comes as no surprise, then, that she quickly becomes known as a notorious troublemaker at school. Discovering a mysterious glow in an abandoned house, however, sparks her curiosity. What’s behind the mysterious light? Surely it can’t hurt to take a quick look …

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Mira Rother
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Vanessa Fernandez
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Eleonora Duboc
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Noah Gruber
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Jakob Kappler
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Direktorin Diekmann

The world

Imagine you open the door to a mysterious magic world. Would you close it again?

The boarding school

Steeped in history, Engelsbach cloister was converted into a boarding school a few years ago. Did the expropriation of the monks living there go according to plan? There’s still a part of the cloister grounds inhabited by the men in dark robes, yet the pupils hardly ever seem to catch a glimpse of these members of this mysterious order. Many people ask themselves, and with good reason: What are they hiding there? And why is there a part of the library that can only be accessed by the monks?

The other world

The world of Splitterkristall is an enchanted, magical land that keeps its many dangers and secrets hidden. Dark wizards and witches, giants, and strange creatures are up to no good. Surviving here takes not only courage but also skill, and a bit of luck. Fortunately, Mira and her friends have a little bit of each.

Illustration der anderen Welt


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